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ZHIA brings together a diverse community at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

We are a cross-disciplinary group of passionate, committed health professionals, IT specialists and industry pioneers.

We all share a passion for improving Zambian healthcare through health informatics and e-health.


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8 reasons to join ZHIA

Reasons Join ZHIA


Exclusive ZHIA member benefits:

  • provides free Consultancy Services
  • Plays the role of a Health Informatics Centre of Excellence
  • It's a referral Centre for employers in the private and public sectors.
  • It acts as an adviser to all agencies on matters of Health Informatics.
  • Runs Quarterly ZHIA Newsletter
  • Intervenes on matters of a professional nature on behalf of members
  • Assists in resolving issues related to our members with International Health Informatics Associations.
  • Conferences and training opportunities.
  • Offers tips to individuals on any level of the Health Informatics courses
  • Research and Development opportunities
  • Networking of professionals in Medicine, ICT, Pharmacy, Bio-Technology
  • Discounted registration to ZHIA conferences
  • Free access to ZHIA events. Go to the ZHIA calendar and see what events are coming up near you.
  • Event videos. ZHIA will be recording all national conferences and events. These videos will be published online exclusive for members
"After being in the industry for many years, today I decided to make it official, and to start calling myself a 'Clinical Informatician' rather than a 'nurse who works in IT'""I am hoping to be able to contribute to direction of health informatics in Zambia""I am the practice IT Security Co-ordinator and am very interested in how to improve my role. Education, particularly with respect to medical information technology is scarce and I would like to understand requirements and how to implement changes and to stay ahead of the game.""My Colleague told me of your work and encouraged me to join. I have always used data and statistics to try and get what I want in my role and believe that health informatics is the future direction for creating efficiency and value in health""ZHIA keeps me up to date with recent developments in health informatics so I can pursue a career in health informatics"